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Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving is a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. Most every organization has a requirement for industrial steel shelving, and we are here to help. A Traditional industrial shelving unit is typically 85 inches tall, has 5-7 shelves 12-24 inches deep and 34 to 48 inches wide. Industrial metal shelving can also include enclosure panels so that stock can not roll out of the shelving units quite as easily. Industrial shelving has capacities from 150 pounds per shelf to over 800# per shelf. When ordering industrial shelving, it is often wise to order Shelf Bins as well.

Rivet Shelving
Rivet Rack
For Bulk Storage up to 96 in Wide and 48 in Deep
BigBlue Krazy Cap Shelving
BigBlue Krazy Cap Shelving
With Massive 1775 # Capacity Per Shelf
Hallowell Shelving
Hallowell Shelving
In Stock Nationwide in Open and Closed Styles Medium Duty to Extra Heavy Duty
Free Freight Shelving
Free Freight Shelving
Quick and Dirty Nut and Bolt Shelving - Free Freight in The Lower 48 USA states
Deluxe Open Industrial Shelving
Deluxe Open Industrial Shelving

Deluxe Closed Industrial Shelving
Akro Stak N Store Bin Shelving
Akro Stak N Store Bin Shelving
boltless shelving
Record Storage Racks
Deluxe Record Storage Racks
Record Storage Shelving
back room shelving

Back Room Shelving

With 15 year or Lifetime Limited Rust Warrantee
rivet metal shelving
Rivet Rack Shelving
Tennsco Rivet Shelving
Rivet Shelving By Tennsco
Hallowell Rivet Shelving
Rivetwell Double Rivet Boltless Shelving
Industrial Shelving with Euro Drawers
Industrial Shelving with Euro Drawers
steel shelving
Steel Shelving
industrial shelving with clips
Klip It Industrial Steel Shelving Light Duty
TroBoro Box Shelving
Industrial Shelving Boxer Type
Republic brand industrial shelving
Republic Industrial Steel Shelving
Bin shelving
Bin Bulk Shelving
single rivet boltless shelving
Single Rivet Shelving Economy Valumaster Brand
Stainless Steel Rivet Shelving
Stainless Steel Rivet Shelving
Heavy Duty Mini Die Racks
Heavy Duty Mini Die Racks
closed shelving
18 Gauge Open or Closed Heavy Duty Shelving
Open shelving
20 GA Open or Closed Shelving

A Plus Warehouse offers many brands of reliable industrial steel shelving. Count on us for Edsal industrial shelving, as well as Penco, Lyons, Parent Metal, TriBoro and others. Please do not be fooled by shelf gauge. In the old days, shelving was sold by gauge. 18 gauge industrial shelving has a higher capacity than 22 gauge industrial metal shelving. Lately, the price of steel has gone up dramatically, and we have accomplished optimizing the use of steel.

A traditional industrial shelving unit has shelves bent in the corners to accept clips. Using this design, the only way to get additional capacity is to use thicker (lower gauge) metal. However, when you take a traditional industrial shelving type shelf, then bend the long portion and weld the bottom of the shelf; you have made a box beam. This beam acts as a support member. The net result is that a 22 gauge shelf with the new design has similar capacity as the old style 18 gauge shelf.

One of the trade names for this type shelving is boxer industrial shelving. TriBoro is a premier manufacturer of boxer industrial metal shelving, and we are pleased to represent them in distributing this innovative shelving.

Industrial steel shelving should be considered as part of the continuum of warehouse equipment that we sell. We like to be your integrated material handling source offering not only industrial shelving, but also important products such as heavy duty cabinets, work benches, loading dock equipment, pallet racks, and general warehouse equipment.

Use of our equipment happens long before your industrial shelving is loaded. The first stop and product makes at your plant is the receiving dock. There we provide dock bumpers as well as truck dock boards. You may then need to move the product into the factory using conveyors or platform trucks.

So, when does it make sense to use industrial shelving? Industrial shelving is used when you need to hand load individual boxes or packages of defined narrow width. For example, if you are storing 12 inch wide x 12 inch deep boxes, you can easily fit them on a 48 inch wide shelf. However, when you need to store bulky items, industrial steel shelving will not work. How can you put a 48 inch wide box into a 48 inch wide shelf? You will drive yourself nuts fitting the boxes in. The solution to bulky storage is Double Rivet Boltless Shelving. You will notice that the width of shelves goes to 96 inches standard with bulk rack. Heavier loads or wider – pallet sized loads being loaded by machine are more applicable to Pallet Racks. Of course whether you need industrial shelving, rivet shelving, bulk rack or pallet rack, A Plus Warehouse is here to help.

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